Recycled Printer Ink Cartridge Lamps

ink cartridge lamp
Ink jet printers tend to go through ink cartridges at incredibly fast paces. Millions of ink cartridges are thrown away each year or recycled, or occasionally you find a method to refill them, although most printer manufacturers warn you not to mostly because they make significantly more money from the ink than from the printers themselves. But there’s other ways to recycle them.

One crafty Etsy seller, Boxlightbox, has managed to find a great use for all the empty cartridges his company was discarding- he turned them into lamps. There’s the $35 single bulb lamp above or the big daddy $200 chandelier. They actually look pretty good! Available in all your favorite inkjet colors like matte black, cyan, light-cyan, magenta, light-magenta, yellow, light-black, and light-light-black. The chandelier actually has the colors arranged just like they are in the printer itself.
ink cartridge chandelier