26 Pound Edible Gummy Bear Party Bowl

The gummy bear has just been taken to the next level of supersizedness. This 26 Pound Party Gummy Bear has a hollowed out belly that can hold 34 ounces of food or drink when lying on his back. There’s a party in his tummy, so yummy, so yummy. There’s a party in this gummy, so yummy, so yummy.

Not to mention that the Party Gummy himself is completely made of gummy and edible. That’s 26 pounds of gummy, 32,000 calories, and 17 inches of pure gummy goodness. That’s the equivalent of 3200 regular gummy bears. You know a food item is huge when we’re measuring it by the pound.

The Party Gummy Bear comes in your choice of 4 flavors: red cherry, orange, green apple and blue raspberry. As if the general awesomeness of a 26 pound gummy bear alone wasn’t enough to convince you to spend $199 on a treat, this gummy bear has a 12 month shelf life so you can use his gummy belly bowl over and over again before finally binging on the bear itself. Or just go right for it and chomp away. Ships free too.

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