Fondoodler is a Glue Gun for Cheese

Kraft cheese? More like craft cheese. Everyone knows that cheese is basically the world’s greatest food, that’s a well researched inarguable fact. Now you can turn cheese into the ultimate building material with the Fondoodler. Create your own edible 3d creations. Aerosol canned cheese (wiz) is limited to just one type of very odd tasting cheese- what’s up with that taste? Yuck. But with the Fondoodler you can use not only any variety of cheese you wish but virtually any form of cheese- blocks, shredded, sting cheese. There’s no wrong type of cheese- well maybe something crumbly like feta, but really any cheese that melts well can be the mortar for your cracker creation.

Make a healthy sugar-free gingerbread house with crackers instead of cookies and cheese instead of icing. The culinary possibilities are endless. Think cracker castle. Just load up the Fondoodler with your cheese of choice, let it heat up for 3 minutes and then push down like a caulk gun of delicious dairy extrusions. It comes apart into 3 pieces that can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher.