Pac-Man 30th Anniversary Wine Glasses

It’s the 30th anniversary of pioneering arcade game Pac-Man today and if you’ve been to Google’s homepage you might have just wasted a few minutes or a few hours playing a playable Google Doodle Pac-Man game. I’ll blame my ok score of 25,000 points on a wonky internet connection- what’s your score? Well if you lived in Japan you could be celebrating the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man with these sweet sweet Pac-Man wine glasses.

The playing board coasters are really cool, they should sell those separately because you REALLY have to be in to Pac-Man to buy a $50 set of (2) wine glasses. Although…..if you had these glasses and served some cheese, you could cut the cheese into the perfect Pac-Man shape complete with little cheese pac-dots. Ok now I want it. Bad. Too bad it’s a Japan only item.

via technabob