Cheese Grater Light

cheese grater light
What happens if you combine a $2 cheese grater and and a $2 light? You get a $47 cheese grater light, naturally. Or rather unnaturally since lighting and cheese grating should NOT be combined. Such is the world of high design, combine cheap objects and let fools buy them at the Conran Shop at inflated prices. And it’s orange?! WTFudge. If you are the owner/operator of a cheese store, have a personal cheese cave, are a dairy farmer or live in Wisconsin, you can have a pass and own this lamp without looking foolish. The rest of the world- listen to reasoning and PASS on this. Please.

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3 thoughts on “Cheese Grater Light

  1. I’m pretty sure that grater is copper coated or colored,not orange. But i agree with you that the combination of the two objects albeit unique should not command the accompanying price. I do think a row of these lights would like nice in a kitchen but singularly they are just kinda silly.

  2. I think they’re cool. Like UrBasicGuy said, in a row in a kitchen would look really cool. Like the ones on That 70’s Show!

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