iHouse SmartFaucet with Facial Recognition Technology

The SmartFaucet from iHouse really lives up to it’s name. The faucet has a facial recognition feature that can detect who is using the faucet. Once it figures out who you are, it will automatically set the water to your pre-programmed temperature and flow level preferences. All of which make it the most advanced faucet I’ve ever heard of- BUT WAIT- there’s more.

The SmartFaucet has a touchscreen that you can not only use to set the water to your liking but you can check your e-mails, the temperature outside, your calendar and more. The internet has come to faucets people! This faucet has it all! Act now and the makers of the SmartFaucet will also add in chromotherapy lighting. And that’s not all! Buy this faucet in the next 22 minutes and we’ll throw in a nifty cheese grater and storage container totally free (just pay exorbitant shipping and handling fees).

Seriously, this is probably a bit of overkill for a faucet. At least it does have stylish looks but if you wanted an internet device for your bathroom, there’s much better ways of going about it than putting it on your faucet with a touchscreen.

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  1. Sounds anoying. setting the temperature has never caused me a lot of problems, and i use different temperatures for different needs…

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