Pole Climbing Bicycle Lock

A well equipped thief can get through almost any bicycle lock you put on your bike. Unless your bike was hanging 20 feet up in the air on a pole! A German company has created a sort of pole collar- a mechanized ring that clamps around a pole. You hook your bicycle on to it and use the remote control to have your bicycle climb up or down the pole. It works well as long as your local bike thief doesn’t have a ladder or if someone else decides to use the same device to put their bike below yours on the pole. Check out the making of video:

via boing boing

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3 comments to Pole Climbing Bicycle Lock

  • […] This is way cool… these guys build a bike lock that climbs poles so that people can’t deflate your tires or steal individual components from your bike. You’d better have one expensive bike to warrant a lok like this. I mean, even the cheapest bike locks are in the $5-$20 price range. I’ll bet that a remote controlled, motorized bicycles lock would cost you as much as a fort lauderdale car rental or even more. In raw parts alone, I’m seeing at least one nice motor that would set you back twenty bucks, a few battery packs that would cast another $20-$30 each… the remote, the skate wheels… it’s an expensive rig. Awesome, but expensive. The downside is that this probably only works on one size of pole. source […]

  • salsa

    @1, it’s not a prototype of a consumer product, but a silly idea brought to life. Nobody said it would be inexpensive or practical to really use. For what it is, it’s awesome!!

  • nobblynoel

    Ok this invention is flawed.
    you stick your bike up a pole then somebody else comes along and sticks his bike up the same pole (2 bikes up a pole) your bike is stuck. It’s just like someone parking in front of your garage;;

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