Reinventing the U-Lock Bike Lock

vier lock
The common U-Lock for bicycles (popularized by Kryptonite brand) is one of the most secure ways to lock up your bike. But it’s shape makes it a bit bulky and unwieldy to carry around on your bicycle- how many times have you seen someone riding with one just dangling over their handlebars? Husband and wife team Allen and Paige Young have come up with a reinvention of that lock into something more useful- the Vier Lock. This lock breaks down into 4 pieces so it can easily be transported.
new ulock
It’s high security and it “fits into a bag about the size of a burrito”. You had me at burrito. The lock is made of hardened steel and has a pick and drill resistant lock cylinder. It basically takes the rounded end of the U-lock and puts a squared off lock and shackle set there instead. So you’re lock now has two locks (of course to remove it from a locked bike you only need to undo one). You could even swap out the two shackles for longer ones if your bike or place you are locking it to requires it. The Vier comes with a nice little carrying bag too:
vier lock on bike
Since it breaks down into the size of a burrito, you could also use that bag to carry burritos. They should invent a lock for burritos. So the Vier is a patent pending bike lock that could be a total game changer. It’s a big improvement on the U-lock, adding a level of portability that’s necessary for cyclists. And burritos, can’t forget the burritos.