Water Bottle Bike Lock

Most bicycles come with a clip on the frame to hold your water bottle but they don’t give you a spot to hold your bike lock. The Küat Bottle Lock combines the two into one to make it easier to take your lock with you. Inside that faux water bottle is a 5 foot long 8mm thick steel cable to keep your bicycle safe.

The lock comes with two keys for $34, available as of Nov 1. Of course this leaves you no spot for your water. But you don’t need water, Lance Armstrong doesn’t need water (UPDATE: I’ve been informed by multiple readers that Lance is at least 95% human and does in fact drink water. Who knew?). Now all we need is a solution to the tight spandex bicyclist pants situation and we’ll be all set (maybe some sort of modesty curtain that surrounds your bike like a shower curtain so nobody has to see that?) (via redferret)