Is This Bicycle Unstealable?

unstealable bicycle
You don’t need to carry around a big heavy lock for your bicycle when you have this new bicycle design called the Yerka Project. That’s because the frame of the bicycle itself becomes a giant lock. You separate the bottom of the frame, unhook the seat post, then use that to make the bike into a lock.
yerka project bicycle
You can wrap the bike around objects of most any size. You can see in this quick video below how exactly it works.

While conceptually using the frame as a lock is a good idea, it still leaves a few big issues unresolved: for starters the tires are not locked up. Although you definitely could just unhook your front tire and put the “lock” through it. The back tire is still an issue. Secondly is how secure is this lock? That’s a big what if. It’s no good if you can pick the lock with a pen cap. I think it needs some work and might be good as is for some situations but they’re definitely onto the start of an idea here.