Yoda Cake Looks Good to Eat, Say You

The Jedi Master has never look so freakin’ delicious before! Yoda may have had more birthdays than we can count but he sure does make a tasty treat for those of us on Earth who are counting the years (and not counting the calories!) and in this case it looks like someone’s 7th, unless one is for good luck in which case 6th birthday. I don’t know how they got the ears to stick out so far:
If this Yoda cake was on that Food Network cake challenge show, it would be a tricky proposition trying to move him the 4 feet from the prep area to the judging table (why is that part of the competition anyway? how does the ability to move a cake a few feet have any bearing on the skill and workmanship that went into making the cake?) Unless of course they used the Force to get the cake in position. But the thermodynamic properties of Force and the sugar from the frosting could cause issues with that, obviously. Anyway, yum this is one SWEET cake.

cake created by and photocredit to gemsugar

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