Yoda Hangs Loose

This it the Hang Loose Yoda from the very special Star Wars episode where Yoda goes to Hawaii with Luke and Luke discovers an ancient Jedi tiki. The Jedi tiki seems to bring Luke bad luck wherever he goes. His father tries to kill him and he kinda digs his own sister. Luke tries to get rid of the tiki by giving it to C3PO who accidentally gives it right back to Luke. Yoda must in turn bury the tiki at an ancient Jedi burial ground but wait! Obi Wan Kenobi thinks that Yoda is trying to steal items from the ancient Jedi burial ground and Yoda must prove his intentions are good. In the end Don Ho serenades everyone at a luau and everyone goes back to their home in California happy…until cousin ChewbOliver shows up.

via the duty