Boombox Birthday Cake Rocks

This boombox birthday cake is really freakin’ sweet. Compared to other cakes we’ve shown here it’s probably a much simpler cake to build (although for me all cakes are simple- I just call up the baker and get a cake- simple as that) because of it’s basic shape. For cake connoisseurs (spelled that right on my first try- woot!) like myself, this cake has one major flaw to it. Due to the large boxy shape, the frosting to filling ratio is completely in favor of filling. Of course this could be rectified with a superb filling but for my birthday I’d prefer something that guarantees a high frosting to filling ratio like a surfboard cake or maybe a piece of paper cake. Ahh screw it, just give me a bowl of frosting with a candle in it and I’m happy.

via geekware