Millennium Falcon Cake is Geekalicious

The best birthday cake I ever got was covered with 2 types of frosting and “Happy Birtday Jeff” written in icing by some pimply faced 16 year old from the local cake shop. And yes they wrote “birtday”. Never could I have imagined getting such a geeky awesome cake like the Millennium Falcon Cake. And never would my parents have spent that kind of money on something that 20 hungry kids would devour in 10 minutes. But for some people, geekery trumps all and for those people we are thankful that they at least took the time to take some pictures for the rest of us cause this cake is totally freakin’ awesome. I would love to inflict some rebel tongue damage on that frosting and search for Han Solo with my fork. I can eat my way to the hidden hatch, no problem. Geekalicious!

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