Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Cake

han solo carbonite cake 1
There are few fates worse than being frozen in carbonite for eternity by Jabba the Hutt but it wouldn’t really be too bad if it was made out of delicious chocolate cake. You could just eat your way out. Of course by the time you escaped you might be the size of Jabba and unable to run, but you’d be free. New Zealand superperson TicklyMoo (love that name, not sure why, makes me smile I guess) made this Han Solo frozen in carbonite cake for husband Dan (I’m assuming it’s her husband, either way, it’s for Dan) for his birthday. She’s a keeper Dan.
han solo carbonite cake 2
Well lucky Dan got the Star Wars birthday cake he always wanted and since you’re probably as curious as I am- the inside of the cake was also gray and had a layer of buttercream icing covered in marshmallow fondant. Oh geez. Maybe I shouldn’t post these tasty treat items so early in the morning, I’m about to hit the pantry and go off the diet. To the fridge!

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