Butt Crack Bottle Opener

Ever wanted to open a beer bottle with your ass crack? Sure we all have had that dream but once you send one or two of your fraternity brothers to the hospital with a torn rectum, that dream sadly dies. Well the dream lives on! Get yourself a soon to be available Crack It Open wall mounted ass bottle opener from the same company that brings you the My Breast Friend boob beer bong, the Johnson Juicer, and the Hooter Shooter (yes all are actual products). Get “cracking” on opening those bottles. Crack It Open is certainly sexier than your frat brother’s hairy butt.

Product page via NerdApproved (neither link is SFW!)

2 thoughts on “Butt Crack Bottle Opener

  1. It doesn’t help to but a lame NSFW warning at the BOTTOM of this disgusting post. By then, the damage is done.
    You should be ashamed of yourself for posting it.

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