Beer Bottle Opening Shirt

Yes! Finally the dream has been realized; there is a shirt that can open a beer bottle. The BeerBot Shirt has a beer loving robot (kinda like Bender but not really for legal reasons) on it with a real metal bottle opener built right into the shirt. The convenience is awesome. The awesomeness is convenient.

Just don’t chest bump your buddies or pass out flat on your chest while wearing this shirt due to the risk of “opener skin imprint” (not a technical medical condition, please consult a licensed physician for a proper diagnosis). Therefore we can only recommend this to light drinkers. If the words tipsy, lush, boozer, wasted, blitzed, sloshed, faced, crunk, buzzed, smashed, loaded, tanked or hammered describes you when you drink, then buy this one for your buddy instead. If you don’t have a buddy, I’ll be your buddy.

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