Wearable Dog Poop Catching Gizmo

This is just wrong. Although I’m not really sure why. It’s basically an expandable cup that straps on to your dog’s behind to catch the poop. It doesn’t appear to hurt the dog and it seems like it will help the owner catch all the poop quickly and easily. So it would seem to be an ok apparatus. Except looking at it, it just seems not right. The dog is walking around with a toilet on it’s butt. That’s wrong. Unless you consider it a type of diaper. That would be ok. I’m totally torn on this poop catching gizmo.

via Book of Joe

3 thoughts on “Wearable Dog Poop Catching Gizmo

  1. Not too great though when you don’t have it lined up exactly right and your dog partially misses and you’re stuck with dog poop all along the side of it. What happens when it becomes full? How much space is in that little diaper bag? That and the poor dog has to walk around with that contraption on.

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