Pet Treat Launcher

Dogs don’t just like catching balls, they also love catching food in their mouths (except for that one dog in the viral video that’s just terrible at catching food, poor guy). Now you can launch treats in your dog’s general direction with gusto with the Pet Treat Launcher. Just load up a few pet snacks into the chamber, close it, and pull the trigger to catapult that biscuit across the room. Catch it Sparky, catch it (does anyone still name their dog Sparky? or Fido?)

One handy thing is that some dog treats absolutely stink (but the dogs love those the most) and get your fingers smelling all liver and fishy when you dish them out to your buddy. Now you can just load ’em all up at once and dispense them without getting the ol’ stinkfinger. This pet treat shooter is not just for dogs- cats and other animals that want treats can get a shot too. Although your cat will probably ignore the treat for a day or two, just like it ignores you, sorry.