Toilet Turbine Creates Energy from Poop and Pee

toilet generator
The Benkatine Turbine created by Leviathan Energy harnesses the power of your flush to create electricity. The turbine is a small scale hydroelectric generator that creates energy from the rush of water each time you flush. Where I live (NYC) the water is pressurized naturally- the source is at a higher elevation many miles away- so this would essentially be free electricity. If you or your municipal system needs to use a pump to pressurize the water, the Benkatine Turbine could recoup some of those costs. Plus if you eat the amount of beans (beans, beans the magical fruit) as I do, this thing will pay for itself in about a week. Throw in a pee powered waterwheel urinal and you’d be able to power a small city.

coolest-gadgets via Inhabitat

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