Baby Bottom Fan

baby bottom fan
Do we really need a fan specifically designed for baby bottoms? Apparently yes. Well at least it does a little bit more than just fan your baby’s behind- it has an anti-microbial fragrance dispenser. While it may look like an adult self-pleasuring device, the baby bottom fan may actually help to prevent diaper rash by keeping your baby’s tucchus dry.

via InventorSpot

2 thoughts on “Baby Bottom Fan

  1. Why this fan shaped like this? This is very disturbing. Surely it can be shaped differently. Any decent parent would never want to buy this trashy looking gadget for their baby. This looks like a sex toy. Why would something for a baby be shaped this way? Its shaped like a phallus or penis. Are we to mold our babies into accepting a penis to their bottoms? No Way!!! This is beyond subliminal suggestion of an inappropriate sexual nature. Its screams disgusting.

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