FlyeBaby Hammock Sling Attaches to Your Airplane Seatback Tray Table

flye baby tray table
Flyebaby Airplane Seat Child Comfort System makes traveling with a baby much easier. When you’re taking an infant on a plane, you normally have to hold the child in your arms the entire flight in your cramped seat. With the FlyeBaby, you can create a comfortable place for the baby to sit where she can see you face to face during the flight.

The FlyeBaby has fabric straps that attach to the tray table on the airplane and another set of straps that attach to the parent’s waist. The baby is secured via a three-point harness. Beyond just using it on the airlines, the FlyeBaby can also be used to strap your baby into almost any other chair:
flye baby chair
This flexibility gives you the convenience of a baby seat at home or when you’re traveling without having the bulk of an actual chair. The machine washable baby seat is made of a cotton/poly blend and comes in your choice of four color patterns.

FlyeBaby Hammock Sling