R2-D2 Diaper Cake

r2d2 diaper cake
Diaper cakes are all the rage at baby showers. Despite sounding like what gets deposited INSIDE a diaper, they are actually just an arrangement of diapers and other baby-centric gifts in the shape of a cake. Sure not a cake you’d want to eat, but a cake of useful items. But some expecting mothers are a little more geeky than others and deserve something more appropriate for their upcoming bundle of geek joy.

Like this ultimate diaper cake in the shape of everyone’s favorite Star Wars character R2-D2 (what, you like Chewbacca more? get out). Of course there’s a huge problem with this diaper cake (beside the fact that it doesn’t seem to actually contain any diapers); it’s too cool to take apart and use the parts. Next time make 2 of them. Maybe you could sell it to some Jawas for junior’s college fund. This baby is already the coolest and hasn’t even been born yet.