Weather-Proof USB Rechargeable Electric Lighter

It’s a modern technological take on the ol’ butane lighter with the Slighter USB Rechargeable Electric Lighter. It’s a bit like those old car cigarette lighters (do they even still offer that as an option) except that it charges up via a USB cable. Weather-proof and eco-friendly, it can light 100 times per charge. There’s no flame to blow out in the wind and it doesn’t have any gas inside it. Would be great for your car if you smoke but don’t have a car lighter.

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  • […] Tired of the wind constantly blowing out your lighter’s flame as you try to light a cigarette? Sick of having to continuously buy lighters to keep your 2 pack a day habit going? Then the USB Cigarette Lighter is the ideal gadget for you, heavy smoker. Powered by the USB port in your computer, this lighter is good for 150 lights on a single charge. The lighter is windproof and lights your cigarette with the push of a button. There’s no further details, but I assume it lights them like how car cigarette lighters (remember those?) used to work- by superheating a coil. USB power, is there anything you can’t do? UPDATE: we covered a newer version here […]

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