Working Lighter and USB Flash Drive

I honestly don’t know good an idea it is to be mixing up your data with a firestarting device but here we go with the USB Flash Drive Lighter. Combining a Zippo-style metal refillable lighter with a 2, 4, or 8GB flash drive into one hot trannie mess of a gadget. Look at that big ol’ Texas longhorn skull on the front. That’s bad to the a to the double s. Maybe if you’re the type of person who carries both a lighter and a flash drive with them at all times, it would be great to save some pocket space and just have one combo device like this. Perhaps you’re a geeky smoker? Action shots below:

6 thoughts on “Working Lighter and USB Flash Drive

  1. I’ve never seen a greater juxtaposition on such a small space. A big longhorn skull and a flash drive? Sorta like a machine gun and a pocket protector together.

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