Electrically Heated Rechargeable Boots from Columbia

electric heated boots
Back in my day if you wanted to keep your feet extra warm in the winter you put on a thicker pair of socks. But in today’s world, with all this fancy “electricity” and such, there always seems to be a superior technological way to do things. Such is the case with Columbia Bugathermo boots, a pair of hiking boots with an electric heater built right in to the sole.

These $250 boots have a rechargeable heating system with three temperature settings to keep your feet nice and toasty for up to eight hours (4 at the hottest setting). The toe heating element and underfoot insulation combine for a -25?F/-32?C rating. A three level LED display on the outside of the boot gives you a good visual to see what setting you’re at. The boots have a waterproof breathable exterior to help keep out the chill as well. Columbia claims these are lightweight, although I would guess that the lithium polymer batteries make them slightly heavier than comparable unheated boots. The boots charge up with a simple plug in adapter.

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