USB Powered Rechargeable Electric Shaver

The USB shaver is perfect for the traveling businessman who needs a highly portable electric shaver but doesn’t need all those pesky cords to charge it up. Maybe you had a crazy night out drinking in the club and are stumbling into the office without coming home to sleep- just reverse your suit jacket Fresh Prince of Bel Aire style, pop a few pieces of gum in your mouth, down 4 cups of coffee and clean up with the USB powered shaver. Fresh as the morning dew and nobody’s the wiser. The USB Shaver is also handy for those 6 pm meetings when you’re trying to impress the client and don’t need that pesky five o’clock shadow. The shaver has a floating double-head system and ultra thin outer coil for a close shave that the ladies will love (or dudes if you’re into that sort of thing). Silky smooth. USB powered.

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