Posture Suspenders Jolt You Into Sitting Up Straight

You really have to want to get your posture correct if you’re willing to subject yourself to a pair of electronic Posture Suspenders. It’s not the annoying buzzing sound or vibration every time you slouch that’s the torturous part- it’s the fact that you have to actually wear a pair of suspenders in public. Oooh the horrors.

Designed by Tobias Sonne, a student at Carnegie Mellon University, the Posture Suspenders use stretchy conductive fabric. Unlike competing suspenders on the market (there’s competing posture correcting suspenders?!) that use a more expensive accelorometer to measure slouching, the conductive fabric doesn’t need to be calibrated. Unfortunately no matter which one you use, you look a bit like a clown or a waiter at TGI Fridays but with less pieces of flare. A well postured clown or waiter though, so you have that going for you.

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  • […] Posture Suspenders use stretchy conductive fabric –device uses variable resistance –alerts user w/ buzz when they slouch –similar suspenders use expensive accelorometer –conductive fabric advantage: doesn’t need to be callibrated –also less expensive […]

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