Computer Mouse Belt Buckle Keeps Your Pants Up Above the Joystick

The ultimate in geek fashion is here my friends with the Computer Mouse Belt Buckle. Be the envy of the entire IT department. Score with all 3 of the ladies who go to MIT. Receive special treatment at Best Buy. The power is unlimited. Look at the back to see how it buckles up to keep your trousers up when you’ve forgotten your suspenders.

Woah easy there buddy with that side button. Unfortunately double-clicking doesn’t open the buckle and these are decommissioned and won’t actually work with your computer (and thus avoiding any potentially awkward situations- “I swear I’m just using my belt buckle mouse, really”. You’re not a PC person? Don’t worry there’s an Apple mouse belt buckle too:

Technabob snagged more pictures before they all sold out and were taken down from the maker’s etsy site (more coming soon they say!)