Visomate Alerts Bosses to Sleeping Employees

You won’t be pulling a George Costanza and catching a little shuteye under the desk if your boss has a Visomate installed at your workstation. Despite the word “mate” in it, the Visomate isn’t your buddy. This USB connect device is supposed to detect when your posture is bad at your desk by tracking your eye level. But we know why you’re slouching at your desk: you were out until 4am dancing it up at the club with some hottie (or not-so-hottie) and now you’re paying for it. You can silence the Visomate’s alarm, but you can’t stop it’s flashing lights. Of course, if you’re mastered the art of sleeping while sitting perfectly upright at your computer, then it’s all good. Otherwise it’s nothing a little coffee can’t fix.

visomate via coolbuzz

4 thoughts on “Visomate Alerts Bosses to Sleeping Employees

  1. The visomate is avaliable in the uk, exclusive, selling at £19.99 inc free uk postage. excellent product for children on computers

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