Whole Body Vibration Therapy Machine

Vibration therapy machines can really help you work your core muscles, decrease joint pain, increase flexible and posture. The Health Mark VF81003 Osci Stadium Whole Body Vibration Therapy Machine is basically a 3 foot wide platform that vibrates under you. There are 5 speed settings and a remote LED controller to set it to your liking.

You just stand or sit on the machine and go about your normal stretches and workout activities. Much like the popular Shake Weights, the vibrating action forces you to use additional muscles to stabilize yourself giving you a more complete workout. The vibration therapy machine can build bone density and muscle mass, massage sore muscles, and decreases joint pain. It sounds a bit like hocus pocus but this machine and virtually every other one listed on the ‘zon have overwhelmingly positive reviews, so I have to go with the people and assume it works.

This particular model looks better because it does not have a vertical support pole, so you can complete a larger range of exercises. Anyone ever use a vibration therapy machine? Did it work for you?

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