EZ Forts is the Easy Way for Kids to Make Forts

When I was a kid and we wanted to make a fort inside we had to move half the furniture in the house around before sliding the blankets over the top to make the fort and then weighing down the blankets with books and heavy objects. Kids today (as usual) have it so much easier with things like EZ-Fort, a fort construction kit from Toobeez. EZ Fort provides a snap together framework to support your kid’s fort. All they need to do is add the sheets.

The pieces can be arranged in all sorts of shapes to create forts, playhouses, tunnels, clubhouses, obstacle course, soccer goals, or whatever they can imagine. Comes with 54 pieces. Looks like a lot of fun.

Note there’s a competing fort construction set you may have seen on TV called Crazy Forts! which has MUCH worse reviews on Amazon. EZ Forts seems to have very good reviews, so you should probably go with that one.

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  • […] Is it just me, or do these things look kinda lame? I mean, they’re way rickety. Couch cushions work way better, plus- you already have them. If you don’t, try the second hand store. These are hard times, and your money is better spent on that new herbal appetite suppressant or maybe if you do actually use this ez-fort thing, you can use it as a hiding place while you’re hunting down meat. Then you wouldn’t have to suppress your appetite- you’d have a thouuuusaaannnd pooooouuunds of meat. My inner Tim Allen is grunting just thinking about it. source […]

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