Bake Shapes: Make Your Muffin Tops Useful

bake shapes
What if your muffins or cupcakes had more of a bowl-shape to their tops than a dome shape? Then you could put all sorts of great toppings on without having to do a balancing act. With Bake Shapes you can do just that and load up your baked goodies with toppings. Place Bake Shapes atop your batter filled pan and bake as usual.
bake shapes in oven
As it cooks, the batter will rise and fill out the shape of the muffin topper. When the muffins are done, they have a nice concave top you can fill with delicious fruits or decadent frosting toppings (or both). Watch this quick thirty second demo to see how it all works:

Bake Shapes are made of silicone and come as a set of 6 (that’s 2 of each of the 3 designs) as well a baking tin. Cupcake and muffin season is upon us now, make them unique and interesting and load ’em up with toppings. Cause it’s all about the toppings.