Modi Sofa is Infinitely Configurable

modi design couch
There is no single sofa that is a perfect fit for everyone’s living situation. Often when choosing living room furniture we have to make compromises as far as design goes for space or other considerations. Finding the ideal couch for your room is often the most difficult design decision you’ll have to make in your home as it is often the centerpiece of a house.

Now of course you could get a custom designed sofa which matches both your style and needs. But that’s an expensive option for an already expensive piece of furniture. The Italian designed Modi Sofa allows near infinite customization by giving you modules which you insert in the base to form different shapes and styles of sofas. There are flat modules, back or arm rest modules and corner pieces, all of which fit neatly into the grid-like base, satisfying the buyers creativity through adaptability. There’s even a glass top to make an end table or coffee table if you wish.
modi design couch2

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