Make Your Own Jeep Bed

jeep bed
Forget the car bed of your youth, today’s kids want something more extreme, more awesome. Like a Jeep! And you can make one too, if you’re a bit handy. Appropriately named Etsy seller “Jeepbed” sells the plans so DIY’ers can be the coolest Dad (or Mom) on the block. Oh yeah, the kid will be cool too. But kudos to the parent, really.
jeep bed side
The plans cost $29 and you’ll need another $250 or so in materials to make the bed but it’s totally worth it. Kids can outfit their room with jungle plants and dinosaurs and pretend they’re in Jurassic Park. Well at least that’s what I would do, I don’t know if kids today are even familiar with that movie. Really showing my age here I guess? At least I didn’t say Mash. Anywho, here’s a sample page from the plans:
jeep bed plans
Attention Ikea: make your instructions like this! I always end up with extra parts when I assemble Ikea furniture, what’s up with that? Also a sore wrist from using that little metal tool to put everything together. And a headache. But back to the Jeep Bed, it’s cool and I want one. For me. (h/t tiwib)