Supersize Your Dreams in a French Fries Bed

french fry bed
Some people have champagne wishes and caviar dreams and others just dreams of sliced potatoes deep fried in oil, lightly salted and served in a box. Lean towards the low end with this awesome French Fries Bed designed by Cecelia Carey. It looks just like a box of McDonald’s fries (or McDowell’s if you remember Coming to America. of course you do. she’s your queen to be. that’s beautiful, what is that velvet? Sexual Chocolate.)
french fries bed
The other cool part beside looking like your honey shrunk your kids in a fast food restaurant is that the “fries’ actually come out of the carton and serve as long pillows. Why would you need some many pillows? For a french fry pillow fort, obviously. There can be no other reason. Of course it’s really just a french fry headboard, to get the complete meal you’d best pair this up with a hamburger bed. (via foodiggity)

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