Crayon Clay- Easiest Way to Make Your Own Crayons

You could make your own crayons by melting down other crayons and then reforming them, only to melt THOSE crayons back down and re-reform them eventually entering some sort of 5 level deep crayon inception that even Leonardo DiCrayonaprio would approve of. Or you could just pick up some Crayon Clay and do it the easy way. It’s clay that air dries into usable crayons. No melting, no heat, no ruining mom’s fancy saucepan that she got for 20% off in the triple B’s Beyond section.

The box comes with 5 colors (blue, white, red, yellow, and green) which kids can mix and match to make their own unique crayon colors and of course shapes. Mold the soft clay into any crazy shape you want, or just make a boring crayon shape. There’s no wrong way to sculpt it and there’s infinite creative crayon shapes that can be made.