The Dipr is an Oreo Dunking Spoon

Ice cold milk and some Oreo cookies, it’s a classic combination, when a dark, delicious cookie meets an icy-cold sensation. One crafty inventor has come up with a way to dip your Oreos in milk without the cookie breaking or getting your fingers in the milk. It’s a patent pending Oreo dunking spoon called the Dipr. Just put your Oreo (or Hydrox or Newman-o’s if you prefer…sidebar but holy cow I just found out they discontinued Hydrox in 2003, so maybe don’t dunk your 7 year old cookies, stick with fresh ones) on the Dipr and dunk freely without fear of breakage or cookie slippage. It can even hold the cookie upside down.

It kinda looks like a toothbrush with a funky curve but they do plan on making it in crazy colors and 3D cartoon animal head fun versions for kids. Right now the product is in the development phase and they are looking for more funding to get these produced so if you like it, help them out. Here’s a video of the inventors showing how they came up with the idea and using a prototype in full cooking dunking action:

Between the Dipr, Spoonachos, and Trongs, the future of dipping is bright.

UPDATE: The Dipr is now available for purchase for $2.99 each here

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