Quick Milk Magic Straws Have the Flavor Inside the Straw

In the realm of drinking straw innovation there are several notable milestones of supreme importance. There’s the individually wrapped straw, a godsend for hygiene and people who need something to fidget with at restaurants while waiting for the food. Then along came the next big innovation- the bendy straw. This changed the whole face of how we used straws and what angle we needed to hold our beverages at. Finally there was the crazy straw which made drinking fun again and a workout for our mouths trying to get the drink around all those curves and turns.

Today the world of straws has changed again in ways our bamboo sucking forefathers could never imagine. The Quick Milk Magic Straws are a revolution in straw drinking. These straws change the whole chemistry of your flavored milk drink. Instead of putting in chocolate syrup and swirling it around in the milk with a spoon and then drinking the mixed beverage through a straw, Quick Milk Magic Straws contain the chocolate flavor right INSIDE the straw. The straws are filled with flavor pellets that release flavor and dissolve as the milk passes through.

Total game changer. Everything you ever knew about straws is now wrong. The flavor revolution is here and it’s really freakin’ delicious. Each straw has 24 calories worth of goodness inside. Vanilla soda anyone?!?! Available in chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.

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