Trongs are the Finger Tong Utensil of the Future

In the year 2000 humans will be able to eat messy finger foods like Buffalo wings and ribs without getting their fingers greasy. We’ll all be eating wings and shaking hands, high-fiving, and text-messaging. Well folks, the year 2000 is today because we have Trongs, the utensil of the future, today. Trongs are little plastic three pronged chopstick tong things that you can use to eat the messiest of finger foods without getting your hands dirty. They’re kind of like little bird claws- think about it- have you ever seen a bird with a messy face? No? Because they have Trongs-like feet. Here’s the video showing you all the ways you can use this strange utensil:

You can buy Trongs at Amazon for around $5 for 6 pairs.