Spooonachos: Spoon Shaped Nachos

While I personally have exceptional tortilla dipping skills (4th place in the 2006 Regionals, baby!), the other 99% of the world is not blessed with God-given chip and dip talent like I have. So for the rest of you there’s a new design concept by Denis Bostandzic that combines the spoon and the nacho to make Spoonachos.

I guess these are kinda like Tostitos Scoops but more functional. While Scoops can hold a lot of dip, the bowl shape still has your knuckles getting pretty close to and sometimes right into the dip (not mine of course, I have skills to pay the nacho bills, kid). The Spoonacho design takes the tortilla and makes it into a more usable spoon shape, ideal for scooping your guacamole, salsa, or dip. Seems like a pretty good idea, I’d like to see these produced.