Star Wars Cookie Cutters

These Star Wars Cookie Cutters from Williams Sonoma are anything but cookie cutter. Thank you folks I’ll be here at the comedy hut all week. Good night! But horrible puns aside, this cool cookie cutter set is missing super crucial Star Wars element- the Death Star. So here’s what one master baker did- make their own Death Star. Here’s a picture with the other cookies so you can see how these geek cookies turn out:

The homemade Death Star is on the far left. Obviously it’s inferior to the cookies made with the cookie cutters. I call upon the mighty gods of Star Wars product licensing to make a series two cookie cutters and include a Death Star. I’d also like a Chewy cookie (see what I did there?), a Princess Leia bikini cookie, a Jabba cookie cause I’m super hungry and an R2D2 cookie. Thank you Mr. Lucas. Make it happen.