MilkMate Holds Your Milk, Mate

Car cupholders are designed for round beverage containers. But what do you do if you want to drink milk or a juicebox that comes in a rectangular container? You can either awkwardly try to cram it in there and then try not to take any turns too sharply or you could use the MilkMate. It solves the ol’ square peg, round hole conundrum. Made in Canada (FYI Craziest Gadgets is a huge fan of Canada, particularly Montreal and Nova Scotia), these plastic drink holders run just $3.99- and I’m pretty sure that’s in Canadian dollars too.

Works for stroller cup holders too. You could even bring one to your movie theater seat’s cup holder and drink milk instead of oversized soft drinks (yeah right). And since they’re from Canada, I will assume that they also fit nicely in your Zamboni or snowmobile’s cupholders too.

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