The Robot That Sorts Pancakes

This post is a bit like that show on cable How Stuff Works or whatever it’s called that just shows industrial machinery making equipment. Except with more exciting music. About a minute in to the video above the pancakes start going all I Love Lucy style hyperspeed. It can stack 400 pancakes per minute or about as many as Patrick “Deep Dish” Bertoletti can put down in the same amount of time (although actually Crazy Legs Conti holds the pancakes and bacon record at 3.5 pounds in 12 minutes). Combine this with the Automatic Pancake Making Machine you’d have world hotcake domination at hand. Cool stuff, I know what I’m eating for breakfast tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “The Robot That Sorts Pancakes

  1. “The Robot That Sorted Pancakes,” in the manner of “The Man Who Planted Trees.”

    Once there was a robot who used his extra cycle time to ponder how to heal the world around him. (Try to hear Christopher Plummer narrating this. Go on.) He decided that it was all for lack of readily available baked goods, and he resolved to create efficiency. Every day he would select a hundred pancakes (well, ninety-nine, actually) from those around him, and he would stack them. “It is my work,” he said. Few have ever known of his efforts. In fact, many believe that the pancakes have somehow sorted and stacked themselves – and yet the entire enterprise of Honey Top owe their happiness and livelihoods to this one robot – the robot that sorted pancakes.

    It’s a thing of beauty.

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