Bacon Scented Bacon Patterned Tuxedo

I love bacon just as much as the next guy but even I have my bacon limits. I’m not above wearing a bacon pattern tuxedo- in fact I have several different meat patterned outfits- from my double breased chicken breast suit to my leg of lamb leisure suit to my formal ham hock tracksuit. So I would wear a bacon pattern tux with no problem- except this one is SCENTED LIKE BACON!

That’s going too far! It’s one thing to be seen in a bacon suit, it’s another thing to walk around smelling like artificial food bacon. Not that I dislike the smell of bacon- it’s not that. I love bacon. It’s the fact that smelling like bacon all the time would make me incredibly hungry and I would constantly be eating until I quickly outgrew the bacon tux and needed a larger size. So it’s for practical reasons that I dislike the bacon tux. Dry clean only.

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