Death Star Waffle Maker

That’s no moon! Sorry, you know we are legally required to say that any time we make a post about the Death Star. No onto the most important and potentially evil meal of the day- breakfast. Now let’s just get one thing straight here before we move on- until they come up with a way to shape bacon, this is the best way to geekify your breakfast. The Death Star Waffle Maker makes perfect 7 inch diameter waffles that can only be destroyed by launching torpedoes into an exhaust vent while being chased by the Tie Fighters….. or by eating them, maybe with a little butter and syrup on top, maybe some powdered sugar and fruit too. Definitely with coffee. Definitely.

Instead of destroying planets with a superlaser, these Death Star waffles destroy your diet with a supertasty. The non-stick metal plates make a two-sided pattern onto your batter. An indicator light lets you know when it’s heated up. And remember, once you finish your first waffle, you can always “strike back” with a 2nd, more powerful waffle. May the Force be with you.