How to Use an iPad as a Plate to Eat From

Would you eat off your iPad? The screen is easy enough to clean and it’s a large smooth flat surface. Sounds crazy? Well that image above is not a picture of sushi on an iPad, that’s actual sushi on an iPad! Our friend Shiinaneko from Japan tested it out- he calls it the iDish.

You can select any “dish” you want. Just find an image, then resize it to fit the iPad. Put your food atop the dish and enjoy:

Make a small amount of food look like more by putting on a background of a full plate. You can even use your iPhone as a side dish.

But it’s not just solids that can go on there. Let’s take a ride in to the danger zone here and pour a little liquid on our precious Apple device:

Curry and rice? Yum. iYum.

Checking your email at the dinner table has never been easier.

Apparently after pouring the curry out he realized that it’s virtually impossible to scoop up a liquid off such a flat surface. Also curry is sticky. And his experiment with pudding failed too when the iPad mistook the moving pudding for a finger swipe and change the screen.

The (not so surprising) conclusion is that you should not use your iPad as a plate but if you do then make sure to use a screen protector. And if you do use a screen protector and change it after each course, don’t lose track and place raw fish right on the screen. So if you’re in a coffee shop in Japan and you smell an iPad with a pungent salmon sashimi smell, then say hi to our friend Shiinaneko.

Thanks for the tip Kenji!

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