Shair Chair is a Chair You Can Share With 8 People

Designers are always trying to design portable seating options for people with limited space. From folding chairs to futons and murphy beds to a sofa that converts to bunk beds, the options for convertible furniture are seemingly endless. What this Shair Chair has that makes it stand out from the rest of the pack is both style and function, for this seemingly normal stylish (maybe?) chair actually converts to seating for 8. Yep, 8:

Each cushion of the chair is removable and forms it’s own small chair. Now granted, you will have to sit on the floor, but your back and bottom will be supported. Great for impromptu pow-wows and living room drum circles. Although it seems like it might be a bit of a struggle to fit all those cushions back in the chair to put it away. The Shair Chair was designed by Jie-Jyun Lyu.

via yanko

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