Sofa Converts to Bunk Beds

sofa bunk bed
Sure we’ve all seen convertible sofas that transform into a double bed and even easy chairs that convert to single beds but have you ever seen a couch that can become bunk beds? Now you have with the space saving Doc couch from Resource Furniture. The cover is fully removable for easy cleaning and there is an integrated ladder.

UPDATE: It looks like the model pictured has been discontinued. Click here to see Amazon’s selection of convertible futon bunk beds which give you a couch under a bunk bed.

64 thoughts on “Sofa Converts to Bunk Beds

  1. This is really convienent for a small house and you require all the room that you can get, i want one, where can i get one? how much?

  2. i love this bunk bed and i would like to know how much it cost. it does not say and we really need a bunk bed lolz. !!!!!!!!!!!!! this is so coool

  3. That iz so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!! How much does the sofa that converts to a bunk bed cost? Can i sleep on it as a bed without opening it up to a bunk bed?

  4. WOW!!! that is soooooo amazing! i want one. 😀 where can i get one? how much!! totaly amazed. hehe

  5. what will be the cost of one unit and how can I get this product in Pakistan?

  6. looks like a cool idea, however, doesn’t loom as though it conforms to the United States cpsc laws regarding bunk beds, and the safety concerns. If it does great, but sure looks as though it is missing some important restraint on the head and footboard creating a falling hazard. the rules are very specific.

    1. That is a little bit to much I think… it is only a bed… But it does look fantastic and I think it can come handy when somebody wants a nice sofa and from time to time to have guests over… But on the other hand, if this is used only from time to time, not sure it worth it… it´s cheaper to pay for the hotel for the guests.

  7. This is very cool, and I would like to purchase it. How do I find out how much it is? Is there a site where I could somehow order it?

  8. I want this, i think its really cool. Me and my sister share a room and we could use the space. None of the questions are being answered though and i would really like to know where i can get one! Thanks.

  9. WOW THATS AWESOMES (how much does it cost $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$)

  10. wow what a very cunning idea of a bed it is divine i could do with this how much would it cost as pounds not dollars

    Thanks me lovelies!!!!

  11. Cost to make : Roughly $350 in materials.
    Selling Price : $6800
    Overall : 19 times the price that it costs to make. What a crock.

    Great idea – Bad price tag.

    Also, the top bed is basically against the dusty
    and dirty floor the entire time it’s in sofa mode.
    Ugh. Not very sanitary.

  12. i want one, but if its really $350 in materials but the sell price is $6800 but 19 times the price it costs to make, is there a cheaper one?

  13. this is cool so i want it but then again it might be a little unstable then i did my research and it would be awesome for when someone comes and you don’t have a extra bed and then you have this so they don’t have to sleep on the floor i would know i had to seep on the floor for a week because my relatives were in town so ya this is like the coolest thing science swiss cheese

  14. its nice … but very Expensive … i remeber price …. its near 2000$
    & we are in Sanctions in iran then we cant by
    i want to see a movie about this … maybe i can made like that

  15. Good day

    The orange convertible sofa bunk bed, where can one find it,is it available in Port Elizabeth or Cape Town and what is the price of it?

    Kind regards


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