The Backup is a Bedside Shotgun Rack

Keep that shotgun handy by stashing it right on the side of your bed with The Backup. Unlike other gun racks that take things into account like safety and common sense The Backup encourages you to sleep with a loaded firearm and be able to access it from the lying position. What could possibly go wrong with that? Watch the infomercial!

Here at Craziest Gadgets we are proposing a slightly safer and more practical solution than keeping a loaded weapon at your bedside- we call it a “lock”. It’s a revolutionary device that attaches to your bedroom door. You turn “the lock” and your bedroom is now secure from intruders. Unlike other bedroom safety devices “the lock” can in no way cause injury to yourself or your loved ones. “The lock” is compatible with all door shapes and sizes. Try our latest innovation, the toughest version of “the lock” yet, a new product called “the deadbolt”. It’s simple and secure- just set it and forget it. Order now and we’ll throw in a bonus “the phone”, a device you can use to call the police if you hear something suspicious in your house. Call now, operators are standing by.

via crunchgear

4 thoughts on “The Backup is a Bedside Shotgun Rack

  1. I’m not going to unsub, as your posts are occasionally interesting, but you might want to stick to topics you know something about. Home security is obviously not one of them.

  2. Genius!! Except id rather have my S&W 40 in a holster on a rig like that, keep one in the chamber ready to go, only take one hand to pull it up and use it. BTW, when it comes to locks, I was always taught that a lock only keeps an honest man honest. If someone wants in bad enough that little door lock isn’t going to stop them, but the sound of my pump action 12 gauge chambering a round will prob make them wet themselves as they run away.

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